The Next Generation


Cyber Film School learning systems began two decades ago with our award-winning web resource, multimedia and television platforms, with a mission to narrow the gap between affordable film technology and costly quality film education. 

Throughout it all, we stuck to one essential precept: Filmmaking is a language. The tech that produces and expresses this language may change, but its fundamentals are evergreen.

20th Anniversary Cyber Film School

Our Past Products

Early web page archive

  • “Make Your Movie” TV series extended our reach to television with a six-part series on the craft of moviemaking, produced in association with Independent Film Channel.


  •  “Movie School Encyclopedia” was a critical hit with teachers and self-learners worldwide. It guided teachers but was simple enough for self-guided learners to follow.


  • Our learning tools were adopted by schools, colleges, libraries, and emerging filmmakers worldwide. We’re grateful for good press and are thankful for our clients. Many work in the industry today. Their feedback encouraged us to develop our newest platform for a new generation.


What’s Next

We’ve put everything we learned into a major reboot of Cyber Film School – a whole new product, a whole new platform, for a brand new generation.

Cyber Film School for iPad

Cyber Film School iPad Scene shot and angle page

Built for self-learners and for teachers teachers,  each chapter of our multi-touch textbook ends with an exercise. You learn, shoot, edit and share on just one device.  It downloads like an app, updates like an app. Download it directly from Apple’s iBooks Store through your iTunes account.

Our work was featured in

Press and industry banners that reviewed Cyber Film School.

Our Founders

Producer Stavros Stavrides and filmmaker/educator Maurizio Belli formed the first Cyber Film School website twenty years ago. Cyber Film School remains a lifelong passion for the partners.




Cyber Film School Cyber Film School
 Stavros C. Stavrides      Maurizio “Moe” Belli

Stavros is a career producer and director with passion for film education. His awards for his film work include Best Picture nomination (Australia), Best Theatrical Documentary (Canada) and Best Canadian Film Toronto International Film Festival, among numerous other accolades.

Stavros was featured on Bravo Channel’s prestigious ‘The Directors’ series in 2004 for his work on Cyber Film School. His recent and current work as Director, Writer and Producer includes series for Discovery, History and National Geographic channels.





Maurizio (‘Moe’) is a classically trained filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer.  He worked with Stavros on several media projects that date back to their film school days. His early film workshops in Toronto were very popular and spawned successful career cinematographers.

In the late nineties Moe originated the Cyber Film School web site out of passion, to reach as many emerging filmmakers he could. He received numerous awards and glowing user reviews, media recognition, Internet awards, along with glowing reviews in computer and entertainment publications.

We build effective learning tools for emerging filmmakers and for media teachers as support for existing programs. 

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