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Adam Palmer Cyber Film School Teacher Testimonial

Adam Palmer, Youth Inclusion Program Chehalis Community School, BC

“We broke ground when we launched our high school film program with your (former) Movie School Encyclopedia CD at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan.  I am now loving the new iPad edition is very clear and set up in chunks which differentiates it for lower skilled readers. Interactive, and definitely user-friendly!”

Evdoxia Darios, Assistant Principal, New York, Board of Education

“This iBook looks great — I think it would be a great fit for my ed tech grad students in my course EDUC 514 Video in the Classroom.  I will definitely link to this book once it’s published.” 

Bill Selak, Educator/Ed-Tech guru,Los Gatos, CA.

“I have been using the CD content for about 14 years now to teach my high school class called Digital Cinema. I am really looking forward to the new Pad content.”

John Voris, Greater Chicago Area

“Thank you for showing me your prototype of Cyber Film School for the iPad, I believe that with this program media teachers and students alike will now have a streamlined film program that lays a solid foundation for entry to upper-level filmmaking study.”

Mary Jane Gomes, Film Instructor Ryerson University & University of West Indies

“How exciting! I am so glad this project is moving forward for you and that you are getting into the beta testing stage! I would definitely like to learn more about the licensing with the hopes of utilizing the app in the fall of 2016.”

Patti Jenkins B.A., B.Ed., OCT, CommTECH TeacherCharacter & Leadership Development Advisor, Parry Sound High School, Ontario

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Featured Success Story:

Cyber Film SchoolShawn Lawrence Otto

American novelist, nonfiction author, filmmaker, political strategist, speaker, science advocate, and screenwriter and co-producer of the movie House of Sand and Fog. Wikipedia

Born: Minnesota

Books: Sins of Our Fathers, The War on Science: Who Is Waging It, Why It Matters, What We Can Do about It

Movies: House of Sand and Fog

After Shawn got his own copy of Cyber Film School’s first learning tool Movie School Encyclopedia to hone his skills before making his own small budget feature, he wrote to us.

That first screenplay ‘Shining White’ went on to win the prestigious Morrow Screenwriting Fellowship, McKnight Artist Fellowship, and won Best Screenplay at IFFM. The film was optioned by a studio, Shawn got a Hollywood agent then went on to adapt the novel House Of Sand and Fog. It starred Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley, and was nominated for three Academy Awards. Shawn was co-producer.

“It’s terrific for my needs because I want to do all aspects on this project so I can really learn the whole craft. This program gives me all the technical knowledge I need plus a chance to practice non-linear editing and post-production ahead of time on supplied raw footage. I love it! Now all I have to do is write something great and add a bunch of talent. No pressure, huh?”

More comments:

I offer my gratitude to all the staff of the Cyber Film School for the work they have done in making this resource available! I will recommend this site as #1 film resource on the web! … Keep up the great work! Austen Hoogen

I am a film production teacher and I like to use your site as an online source. I would like the encyclopedia to have in my classroom for student use. Harry Ferone, Toms River, NJ

I’m basing my first feature on the knowledge that I’ve obtained from you. I feel more comfortable now as a producer and it didn’t cost me a cent. I’m so glad I found you. Keep up the great work. Ken Gregg, USA

I have the CD-ROM and love it. I got it a while back and am still not finished because it has motivated me to act now while I’m still in high school. James Lee, Accord, NY

Thank you for the opportunity to learn interactively through your CD-Rom. 🙂 Christine Rose, USA

I find your idea of creating such a site and such a cd-rom a marvellous idea. Keep on in the same spirit! Elena Gueorguieva, Italy

I currently purchased the CD-ROM and received it today for my MAC. After going through the introduction, I was completely happy that I purchased it. Brent Lenz, USA

What a great site! I E-Mailed my friends about it, and have placed an order for the CD-ROM. This is going in the “FAVORITES FOLDER”!!! Dominic Marcucilli, Castaic, CA

Please know that it is a lifeline to some of us indies out here, keeps us current. Keep up the great job. Thanks. Jeff Entrekin, Luling, LA

I’m a UK CFS member and I’d like to express my appreciation and give the big thumbs on an excellent, quality filled web site. Great work guys. Akinyinka Emiola, Bath, UK

Sweet site. I just wanted to tell you that I’m an independent filmmaker and your site kicks. It’s really helpful and useful and I’m looking forward to an update. Marc Czornij

You guys are my heroes! I have been searching for a site like this that would give me some experience on how to make movies, and I found you! I am 15 years old and I plan on becoming a Movie Director someday. Keep up the great work on this site! Gio

I am very eager to join the Cyber Film School cos I am very much interested in Directing films, moreover I am from India there is no advanced techs available in India as available in your country. Nanda Kishore, Bangalore, India

This website is the best. Very useful for anyone who is interested in film education. Kumaran Mani, Alpharetta, GA

I am 15 years old and I want an early start. I know this site can help me out a lot….You’ve got it all. This is a great site. Melissa Barnes, San Bernardino, CA

I first came to your site in 1997, I think the content growth here is great. Keith Love, Ft. Worth, TX

I have to say that this is the best site on film making I have ever been to. I have read so many great Articles on this site that helped me so much with my aspiring career… you guys are awesome! Jessica Ashley, Rohnert Park, CA

Cyber film school is a marvellous website and it has been helping in so many budding talents where they have way to exhibit their real talent. Seshu Iyengar, Bangalore, India

I’m so glad I found this site. It keeps my nose in the film industry. In an art that’s very hard to “practice” (especially as a poor college student), the skills associated with film are hard to develop, but since I found this site, I feel that I’m “practicing” on a regular basis. Ryan Sobolik, USA

I’ve been looking at cyber film school occasionally for a few years now and I think it’s a wonderful project! Jeremy Webb, Aberdeen, Scotland

Cyber Film School is the best educational site out there, so THANK YOU. Amar Ahkheem, North York, Canada

So far as I’ve seen, this website is wonderful and very informative! …Thank you for putting such an informative website online. It is important that people should have information available to them about things they are passionate about. Mary Witte, USA

I think it’s really cool that you guys help the little guys like us to become better in this field! My hats off to you! Paul Lofton, USA

I think highly of your site and will recommend it to other people. Daniel Chuter, UK

Keep on your good work! Ranty Yustina Dewi, Cimanggis-Bogor, Indonesia

The site is the best I have ever been on. It essential for people who live far from the main stream film society. Edward Said, Siggiewi, Malta

Cyber Film School Students learn and shoot on their iPad

I am so glad that I found this web site. I have even took it upon myself to make it my homepage! Kevin Lee, Clinton, MD

This is a great site! Just keep up the good work. William Livernois, Tampa, FL

I think the site is a fantastic resource…well done. Rob McLaughlin, Newmarket, New Zealand

A great site, a great way to find information on everything you need in filmmaking. Cody Fitch, USA

As a 28 year old journalist and novelist in NYC, I’ve enjoyed the site immensely so far. (I’m taking my time with Chapter 3, since it’s what I need to focus on on this point.) Having realized that I see these stories in my head visually, and I essentially describe what I see when writing, I’ve decided to experiment with converting my stories and novels into films. The recommended books section has been quite helpful, and the site allows me just enough knowledge to play around and decide if I should be writing screenplays instead of novels or enrolling at film school at night. Allen Plummer

I’ve been looking at this site for more than a year. I always keep coming back for more. Glenn Johnson, USA

I love film, I would like to learn, and I think that it is good that exist this type of program because the most of people haven’t money and they are far to stud
y film. Karen M. Quispe Grandez, Iquitos, Peru

Cyber film school is the coolest web site I ever knew in the world. Shandy Harto, Surabaya, Indonesia

 This thing is great, it makes virtually all Filmmaking information available in one easy to access area. Keep up the good work. Paul Pratt, Newnan, GA

I was so excited when I came across this site. Its something I wanted to do my whole life! But because of location, financial reasons, It was not possible to do. But because the advent of computers and people like your selves, I can learn something and pursue it. From where I am at. Thanks very much for the CYBER FILM SCHOOL. Frank Krug, Las Vegas, NV

This site is very good. I can learn many things reading this site in Japan. …This site is very useful. Thank you very much. Harutaka Kondo, Tokyo, Japan

I’m very impressed at what you guys have going on. The world needs more organizations like you. Ethan Hauptli, Glenwood Springs, CO

I have found the Cyber Film School to be an invaluable resource. I would like to learn more about post production, editing, screenwriting and special effects …Thank you all for providing such a terrific resource for the “starving artists”. I am a beginning independent filmmaker and have found this site to be immensely helpful. Keep up the great work! Richard Permatteo, USA

Your site was exactly what I was looking for. When you hear about what you need to make an independent film, everything on the net seems to be general. Your Film school lists specific computer hardware and specific computers. You seem to know every question I want to ask. Robert Clark, San Antonio, TX

Great web site! Christian Smith, London, UK

Brilliant site! Lauryn de Traubenberg, Australia

I’ve been looking for a course like this for a long time, and I’m glad I’ve found you. Everett Paige, Bronx, NY

I think the site is great!! This site really is an awesome asset to any aspiring film maker! John Ginty, Denver, CO

This is my first visit to the site and it is fantastic! Mark Franceschini, UK

First off I love the Site, been looking for one like this but it turns out…it’s better than what I was looking for…Keep it up guys! Alex Corven, Sacramento, CA

Your new site looks great! The Movie School Encyclopedia looks like it is going to be a great resource, definitely the best I have seen! Andrew Mercer

I have heard about the film school as far back as 1996 from a friend and did not have a computer than and is only last week as I page through the diary to update my new contact that I came across it and immediately went for it. The knowledge contained is extensively invaluable. It has made me start literally from the beginning, validating knowledge gained in the last decade in the video broadcasting environment. Faith Moumakoe, Pretoria, South Africa

Your web school is very useful for beginners and overcoming cinematographers like me. Thank you very much. Akn Prakash, Chennai, India

Your site is a gonna-be movie makers’ dream, and best of all, it’s free! Johan van Heerden, Rustenburg, South Africa

Cyber Film School is exactly what I’ve been looking for, didn’t know there was anything like it on the net. 100% the bizniz. 10/10. John McMenemy Jr, Paisley, UK

I’m really thankful for your website. I go to a fairly small school, without a very big communications department. It’s nice to have a place to learn how to do my passion. Thank you! Sara Rhodes, USA

 I’m fairly new to the site and I must commend you on such an ass-kicking job. Most other sites act as if you have to be a member of some secret big-boy-buddy-butt-licker club to be able to learn something as beautiful and fulfilling as expression through filmmaking…thanx so much for sharing your wisdom and keep up the AMAZING work!!! Lakey Babineaux, Austin, TX

A very humble thank you is the least I can say. I do not belong to any institution and had hard time getting info on how to go from A to B. You’ve certainly helped me to get there. Takuya Cannavaro, Tokyo, Japan

I really like what you have going! I feel like I have found something of great value! Megan Denny, Portland, OR

Out of all the sites I’ve been to (and surfing is what I’ve been doing A LOT OF) yours is definitely the best one. The articles are GREAT! I’ve learned so much in 1 day that I cannot say enough good things about the cyber film school. I’m NOT into Hollywood I AM into independent films and making some quality films. Gracias! Sergio Sergio Ballivian, Boulder, CO

My dream is to write, direct and star in my own slapstick comedy. With you web site I am closer to my dream than ever before! Dean Patterson, UK

I think that cyber film school is a beautifully made website with loads of really useful stuff on getting started. I am really interested in the industry and it was brilliant to find such an informative webpage to help me find out more. Ted Hodgkinson, Lincoln, UK

 This website is just what I have been looking for! I wanted something which would help me make sense of the film industry, and this website has done the job! Kate Barbour, Stonehaven, UK

Well I’ve only just found out about this site, but I have to congratulate you on providing such a terrific source on film making. For those who are just getting to know about the various tasks, roles and structure of the film making process, this site is a great place to begin. I’ll let you know if I think it could use anything else down the track! Well Done. Nicole Seal, North Adelaide, Australia

I love this website! It’s a great way for me to get a head start on my future career as a director. Will you have Cyber Film School products available in stores anytime soon?!? Morgan Riles, Mansfield, OH

I think that this is a great site for research and also for just getting on your feet in this field without paying 40g for a film school in NY.  Rebecca Thompson, USA

This is the best resource for learning about the trade and for free resources. It feels a lot like a community. Johanna Tzountzouris, Canada

Really do like this site. If I make it big it is cos of this site. I’m only 16 years old so have plenty of time. Meyrick Brookes, Telford, UK

If only I’d had your services 30 years ago. For me, better now than never! Thank you very much for the help and encouragement you are providing those who do have that 30 years in front of them. You’re doing important work that is servicing and inspiring our country’s artists and educators. Nick Mueller, Dumfries, VA

Great site. The perfect start for someone interested in studying film-making. Amod Dange, USA

You’re site is great! As the matter of fact: the bomb! Jurjen van Loon, Veldhoven, Netherlands

 I am so impressed with this sight. I’m so delighted to know that I have an excellent resource to turn towards whilst following my dreams. Seriously – thank you!Danielle Lauren Danielle Lauren, Perth, Australia

It’s an amazing site and I find it really useful, hopefully it will help me pursue my desired career as a film director!!! Kirsteen Deane, Middlesex, UK

This is a truly great site. I open it almost every day. Amanda Marahimin, Indonesia

I enjoy this site very much. I want to thank you for the information you have here. I now have the tools I need to help forward my career. Thanx. David Schwartz, Shorewood, IL

I’ve been into this sort of things for years now, and this is the first site I have found to really help out – and believe me, it helps beyond words!!! Keep up everything!! I love the movie school. Sheila Skaggs, Louisville, KY

Awesome site! This is the kind of thing I have been looking for for years! Jason Cashmore, St. Thomas, Canada

I have been interested in filmmaking from a very young age, but the only place in Nova Scotia to get filmmaking related help, products and equipment is in Halifax at Salter Street Productions, or over the net. I’m very interested in CFS and am grateful you give me and others the chance to become the best we can be. Thanks, Devon Gillighan; Director of Renaissance Films, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have been very impressed with the range and depth of your website. I have several ideas for movies and one screenplay I’m currently working through. As my net worth is roughly one illegally parked 1977 Chevy camper van I rely heavily on all the free information out there. Yours is the best. Keep up the good work. Joshua Sitarz, Milwaukee, WI

This is my first visit to your site. I was a film student back in ’92 when I dropped out to start a family. Two kids later I still have the desire to do documentary filmmaking but am clueless as to where to begin. I am looking forward to gleaning from your site and just getting started again!! Mechelle Schloss, Lakeridge, VA

On the whole CFS is an awesome site which really helps in learning the aspects of film-making (even for professionals). Raj Santhakumar, IndiaRaj Santhakumar, India

I am so impressed by your website. I have found it to be the most up to date learning center for art of moviemaking. Keep up with the good work. Frank Bono, Montreal, Canada

Very good site and also amazingly useful – good idea!!! Damn good site!