Teacher’s Tell Us

“We broke ground when we launched our high school film program with your (former) Movie School Encyclopedia CD at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan.  I am now loving your prototype of the new iPad product – very clear and set up in chunks which differentiates it for lower skilled readers. Interactive, and definitely user-friendly.The new iPad edition is very clear and set up in chunks which differentiates it for lower skilled readers. Interactive, and definitely user-friendly!”

Evdoxia Darios, Assistant Principal, New York, Board of Education

“This iBook looks great — I think it would be a great fit for my ed tech grad students in my course EDUC 514 Video in the Classroom.  I will definitely link to this book once it’s published.” 

Bill Selak, Educator/Ed-Tech guru,Los Gatos, CA.

“I have been using the CD content for about 14 years now to teach my high school class called Digital Cinema. I am really looking forward to the new Pad content.”

John VorisGreater Chicago Area

“Our school is onboard with getting a film class happening. The instructor/teacher is fully supportive and excited to have a program like this! We are hoping to start soon for the upcoming term. An iBook on each of our ipads is the way to go.” 

Adam Palmer, Youth Inclusion Program Chehalis Community School, British Columbia

“I was one of the first group to get the Movie School Encyclopedia when it came out on CD. Since receiving it I have worked on film crews of three different shows and even directed my own short film. This is GREAT for anyone who is really serious about filmmaking and may not have access to the traditional “film schools” of CA and NY. Thanks!”

Jennifer Blaylock, now PhD candidate in Film & Media University of California, Berkeley

“Thank you for showing me your prototype of Cyber Film School for the iPad, I believe that with this program media teachers and students alike will now have a streamlined film program that lays a solid foundation for entry to upper-level filmmaking study.”

Mary Jane Gomes, Film Instructor Ryerson University & University of West Indies

“How exciting! I am so glad this project is moving forward for you and that you are getting into the beta testing stage! I would definitely like to learn more about the licensing with the hopes of utilizing the app in the fall of 2016.”

Patti Jenkins B.A., B.Ed., OCT, CommTECH TeacherCharacter & Leadership Development Advisor, Parry Sound High School, Ontario

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