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Cyber Film School for iOS

Adam Palmer

Adam Palmer never taught a film class, and his 'at-risk' students were labelled 'unteachable.'

His outdoors program inspired teamwork and self-worth, but not everyone was athletic.
Despite their individual abilities, they all shared pictures and video with equal passion.

As a First Nations school, the class film project retells an ancient legend through the lens.

The class recruited community elders as cultural advisors and carvers of set pieces and props.

They involve the students in designing period costumes. Children and adults are recruited as actors.

Adam: “For teamwork and esteem, I've never seen this outside of sports. Until now.”

A dozen teens impact their community of 450 as they emerge as esteemed storytellers.

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Get your school up and running.      Two High Schools Adopt Cyber Film School This Fall

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Cyber Film School

After running a beta version of Cyber Film School last Winter, teachers at Chehalis Community School near Chilliwack, BC report enhanced engagement, cooperation and enthusiasm for learning among their students, formerly labeled ‘at risk.’


Based on their preliminary success, Chehalis is officially launching its first-ever full-term film program in September with the support of Cyber Film School for iOS. 

Further east, Parry Sound High School in Ontario, with an established media program, will be using Cyber Film School for curriculum support. Teacher Patti Jenkins echoes a need for more guided support materials for media teacher at the high school level. 

There are many more initiatives and programs with various communities in the works, which we believe will bear some interesting results in the next few months. We will keep you posted.