A  C Y B E R   F I L M   S C H O O L

C Y B E R   F I L M   S C H O O L
                for iPad

Cyber Film School for iPad

Developed for self-learners at home and teachers at school, our newest learning system is made for iBooks, Apple’s exciting multi-touch, multimedia textbook platform. 

Each chapter leads to an exercise which you shoot and edit with iPad’s native Camera and iMovie apps. Learn, Shoot, Edit, and share on just one device. And it’s fully usable on a Mac! Just use a separate camera.

Cyber Film School downloads like an app and updates like one, and can be purchased directly from Apple through your iTunes account.

Real-world insight

Each essential moviemaking concept is reinforced in a number of ways so complex rules and techniques become easier to grasp and apply.

On-set video tutorials, insightful interview clips with A-list filmmakers, interactive galleries, and actual movie clips for analysis – they all lead up to hands-on exercises which can be done instantly by switching over to iPad’s native apps. 

Customize your learning experience

An entire class could study from the same edition while each individual can write their own notes which turn into study cards. It’s just one example of how this platform facilitates independent learning.

Every Chapter’s a Lesson

Browse the chapter headings

Cyber Film School for iPad Cover Page
Cyber Film School for iPad Cover Page

 Enjoy free updates!

Our first edition is now available for download. Once you install it on your iOS device and/or Mac at home or at school, it lives in your device’s native iBooks app.

From then on, you will receive automatic notifications of ongoing free updates as we add new chapters, features and ongoing improvements – just like an app.

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Cyber Film School for iPad

Brought to you by the award-winning team of filmmakers and educators that brought you the highly acclaimed Movie school Encyclopedia CD, and its sister TV series “Make Your Movie” produced in association with Independent Film Channel.



directly through Apple


Apple iTunes account required.
Minimum Requirements (or later): iPad iOS 5, iPhone iOS 8.4, Mac OSX 10.9

“Affordable, accessible quality film education for everyone, everywhere.”